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Stomach flu lasting longer with UC?

I’ve had a stomach flu for 5 days and I am wondering if anyone has had symptoms lasting longer because of ulcerative colitis?

  1. Hi Marcia,
    First I just want to say that I'm so sorry you're dealing with a stomach flu right now and I hope it doesn't last much longer. Of course, if you haven't already, it's probably worth asking a doctor this same question just to make sure what you're dealing with is normal, but I also wanted to share a blog post that one of our contributors wrote a few months ago on this topic. It sounds like he also deals with worse symptoms from a stomach flu due to IBD. Here's the link if you're interested and I'm sending positive thoughts your way:


    1. Yes. I believe stomach flu can last longer and become more severe with IBD.

      I once got food poisoning in Costa Rica. I shared a meal with a friend and his food poisoning was not bad at all. A day at worst.

      Mine was five days and was very severe. That's just one example of how a flu or stomach poisoning can exacerbate your underlying condition and wreak havoc on your body.

      Matt (Team Member)

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