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Hello everyone! Has anyone on here got experience with having strictureplasty surgery? I might have to have this I’ve been told, as I have a narrowing that needs dealing with. I have never had a general anaesthesia before and I’m extremely scared and nervous about the prospect of it all. Can anyone share their experiences please. Many thanks ❤️

  1. Thank you for your question, . While I never had strictureplasty surgery, I had a partial colectomy in 2014 which required general anesthesia and was also nervous before the procedure. I let the anesthesia team know and they gave me a shot of Versed while in triage and it calmed me down immensely. I would talk to your care team about your concerns and see if there is anything they can give you to relax you prior to surgery, as it will only make it easier on everyone if you didn't have anxiety going into it.
    Please keep us posted on how you decide to proceed!

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. Thank you Julie ❤️

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