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Tips to help with constipation after Colonoscopy??

Hi!!!! Hope everyone is well!!

So I had my first Colonoscopy on Wednesday and I’m now suffering with terrible constipation! I know this is normal due to completely clearing your colon with the bowel prep but I feel like I REALLY need to pass a stool and I’m getting cramps and nausea cos’ I can’t go.

Does anyone have any tips to speed up the process of passing a stool please?? I will be EXTREMELY grateful!! Thank you in advance! 😊

  1. Thank you for your question, @danieller94. I would contact your GI regarding your current symptoms just to make sure there isn't anything they need to check out. It may be something as simple as staying hydrated and adding fiber to your diet, but I would check in with your care team just in case. Hope you feel better soon!
    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. Thank you for your reply!
      Thankfully the constipation has passed and I can now pass a stool. Thanks for your advice though!

    2. that is wonderful to hear! What a relief (in more ways than one) !! Stay well 😀
      --Julie (Team Member)

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