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Travel and IBD

How do you prepare for travel? Do you have tips or tricks that make it easier to get from point A to point B - or just help to ease the anxiety? Please share!

  1. I make sure that I have my medication, reading material, water, a snack or meal that I can eat and if I need to stop and use the bathroom I stop and use the bathroom. I have found that many public places have family restrooms now and those tend to be roomier, quieter and more private. I make a beeline for them if they are available. I have traveled to Africa, Latin America, Europe and many places in the US since diagnosis and have found that being very careful about what I ate and drank really helps as well. i got sick less often than many "normal" people.

    1. Those are great tips Crohns1998! Thank you for sharing! - Susan ( Team Member)

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