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Ulcerative colitis

Hi everyone ! I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis two years ago . I have inflammation in my small intestine 10 cm at the end of intestine. I had condtipation then diarrhea, bleeding and loose stools. I was put on Salofalk 1000 mg. Took them for two months felt better stopped them . Stopped them because I was passing stools fully a twice a day and had no bloating.
However, my hair was falling out and had gained weight. I am back to having flare ups .
I am looking into natural products to heal like slippery elm, olive oil, probiotics. Any smoothies or dietary products to help please.
Anything anyone can suggest to get

  1. Sea moss has helped me tremendously. It comes in a jar and is a gel. I throw it in all my smoothies. You don't taste it. I also take CBD oil to help with sleep and inflammation. I take L-glutamine which has been super helpful along with beef liver and beef intestines. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Hi, I m new to this group. I have been diagnosed with UC. I have constipation since my childhood. What is the best diet. I am bleeding for more than two months again, as I had colonoscopy and Mt bleeding stopped for few months and started again as this time it is much more. I am eating lot of Fibre, I don't know it is helping or working against it. Can someone help me if they had constipation and bleeding, what kind of diet will help?

      Thank you

  2. Thank you ! Are you still taking your meds though or have you stopped them ?

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