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Ulcerative Colitis and IBS?

Hey everyone, I'm wondering if it's possible or common to have Ulcertive Colitis and IBS? I just seem to have so many food triggers which seem to consistent with IBS.

  1. Thank you for your question, @Kiera. Yes, it is possible to have both UC and IBS, but food triggers can also be linked to your UC. Have you discussed this with your medical provider?

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. Julie, you mean these X or Y foods will cause us flares?

    2. not flares necessarily, but symptoms can arise from foods you eat, especially if you have IBS (which is mostly caused by food or environmental factors). Therefore, it is important to note which foods cause symptoms so you can avoid them going forward.

      --Julie (Team Member)

  2. what is your diet? details, specifically what do you eat?

    1. Each person's diet can look different with IBD! When I am in remission I can eat pretty much anything! But when I am really flaring, I follow more of a BRAT diet, with rice, applesauce, toast, white pasta, baked chicken, etc. I also can tolerate soup which is how I try to get my veggies. Are there any foods you personally like having in your diet? -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

  3. Funny thing is, even though my disease has been under control for almost 10 years, I'm still trying to figure out the perfect balance diet for myself, we have done a lot of vegan Thai past couple years and since I started reviewing what others say work for them, which is pretty close to mine, I'll have to explore rice more, stress just messes with everything anyway so sometimes you don't even know if you can trust the results from food, plus it's so darn hard, it's not like we are dogs and BM pretty much what we just had, hard to eat just one thing for couple days to see what happens, I think most of what I see on diets here pretty much has same similarities....frankly I just had dumb luck when I figured out Red meat was the main thing that was setting off other foods as well....I eat pretty dang clean, I can tell you that, but still have light bloating, but regular in morning one or 2 with in first hour up and good to go till the next day, though mostly pretty loose, but I figure loose ain't scraping anything up inside, kind of a lemans way of thinking I guess....I helped a good friend get to remission, and I just want to help soooo many more if I can, that UC/all IBD is a nightmare, but after I got that under control, I buried my one of my best friends who happened to be my older brother, then found out I had lifelong non fatal but not symptom free blood disease, minor back surgery though is anything actually minor, throw in a little mental health and I'm surprised I am so healthy! many times I actually can notice a difference in overall feeling if I just start drinking water by 10am each day...

    1. I don't eat fish anymore, inflation and too many documentaries....we been using a lot of fresh mushrooms in meals and broths, I use braggs liquid aminos both soy for salt in recipes/anything and coconut liquid aminos is sweeter also for meals.....chick peas, beans, we use some of the impossible bulk vegan meat and sausage.. sometimes, lot of ginger, fresh garlic, onion, turmeric, curry, fresh cilantro...I use quinoa instead of rice because it helps rid body of free radicals...or so they say😀

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