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I have UC and experiencing joint pain for the past 2 weeks

I've had UC for 10 years and only had 1 flare up since being diagnosed with it. For the past two weeks my knees have been hurting and it feels like they get really hot. Left wrist elbow and shoulder also hurt but no warm feeling. I used to take 6 pills, 400 mg of delzicol. In Dec of 2017 my doctor switched me to 4 pills, 400 mg. Do you think if I take 6 pills again my pain goes away? My mom doesn't think it's arthritis but inflammation. I'm still pretty flexible and can still work out. I wake up and feel fine except in the evening, I start to feel pain in my joints.

  1. Hi ,

    So sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. I know what it's like, because I would get joint pain as well, but mostly due to the medications I was on. Here is an article that breaks down joint pain and IBD, you may find it interesting.

    I of course, am not a doctor, but just speaking from experience having IBD myself, you are definitely inflamed and it is manifesting in your joints. Have you tried changing your diet until things get under control?

    Also, I would definitely consult with your doctor and ask him/her about the dosage of your medication.

    I hope you feel better! Keep us posted, we are here for you!

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

    1. check that you well hydrated. I have had similar experience of these symptoms, drinking more of the correct types of fluids helped, especially at night.

      1. Thanks for this great tip and reminder, Robin! - Pam (team member)

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