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Ulcerative proctitis new problems

I was diagnosed in 2013 at 37 with colitis. At 19 I started with IBS, I either couldn’t poop or couldn’t stop, never an in between. Then the rectal bleeding started. I have had 4 flares with bleeding, but the last 2 have been in the last 6 months. I have been on balsalazide for years, my doc switched me to lialda, tried for a month but it didn’t stop the bleeding. I’m trying the suppositories tomorrow and I am not excited. I also am usually given prednisone and they work, but they are not. Doc is putting me on the mesalamine and budesonide.
I am 45 and have gained 25 pounds in the last year with no real diet changes. Maybe I am just getting old, I know the metabolism changes after 40! I have tried several diets that always seem to end in a flare of constipation folllowed by days making multiple bathroom trips.
Seems my disease is progressing and what worked before isn’t so I listened to my husband for once and am trying to do some research and see what people dealing with this have found that works and doesn’t.

  1. I’ve just started on Mesalamine and it’s pretty much stopped most of my symptoms overnight! How have you got on with it?

    1. Hello @winodie! Welcome to the community!

      I wish I had a simple answer for you, but UC is so complex. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another, in terms of diet and treatments!

      I recently wrote about food and ulcerative colitis, so that may be worth you taking a read of:

      It's definitely a case of finding out what YOUR limitations are and working around those. The blog above also highlights what type of things you need to log if you do a food diary etc too.

      Also, it's worth noting that many people gain weight due to taking Prednisone.

      I am in the UK, so I had to google lialda, but it says that lialda IS mesalamine? So if it's not working in one form, then changing it to another one seems a bit pointless. In the UK, we tend to have a sort of pyramid of treatments, starting with 5 ASAS (includes mesalamine). If that doesn't work then we usually go on to Azathioprine/Imuran, and then biologics. Usually Infliximab/Remicade first, then Humira/Adalimumab. After that, it's anyone's guess - Golimumab/Simponi, Ustekinumab/Stelera, Vedolizumab/Entyvio, Tofacitinib/Xeljanz... So, as you can see, there are many treatment options, but there's no set in stone "what will work for you". It's still very much trial and error.

      I know Pred does stop helping with symptoms for a lot of people (myself included) after a while.

      I am wishing you luck with your search for more info!

      - Sahara (team member)

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