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Vaginal itching and burning in females having ulcerative colitis

Has any female who is diagnosed with ulcerative colitis gone through vaginal itching / burning and discharge..... kindly let me know as it is very urgent. Need help. Thanks

  1. Hi there . Have you had the chance to bring this up with your doctor? If not, we strongly encourage you to do so with any new/worsening symptoms. Vaginal Crohn's, while it is pretty rare, is something that can happen- it can cause infections, fistulas, ulcers, pain, etc. This article goes into greater detail regarding Vaginal Crohn's that I think might be helpful: Wishing you relief ahead. -Ashley (Team Member)

    1. Hey . Did you manage to see or speak to a doctor? I frequently get thrush, ever since I had broad-spectrum antibiotics after my very first surgery in 2007! I hope it's something as simple as that!

      - Sahara (team member)

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