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Weight Gain!

Hello all. I’m a recently diagnosed ulcerative colitis sufferer. It’s been a lot to get my head round and get used to living with but I’m getting there I think. Never had issues with my weight before and always been happy with it, but after a couple of months on prednisolone (no longer on it) I piled the weight on - and no matter what I do - can’t seem to budge it! Here’s me thinking UC meant weight loss, I almost can’t believe the diagnosis! I know diet and excercise is key obviously but has anyone else really struggled too, and anyone find a solution? Thanks, L.

  1. Thank you for being here @misslolo! I completely feel your pain and know the blessing and curse that is Prednisone! The best advice I can give is to focus on putting high-quality ingredients in your body that will provide you with as many nutrients as possible. These tend to naturally be lower in refined sugars and fats which will help better manage your weight. You also (unfortunately) just have to be patient as the extra weight added with Prednisone can take some time to come off. Drinking more water helps, as does staying active. But, most importantly, be patient with yourself and with your body, and value health more than weight. Allow your body to heal and feel good without stressing about the extra weight (as hard as that might be right now!)
    Thanks for being here. Keep us posted!

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. I can totally relate! Same thing happened to me and I haven't been able to get rid of the weight at all. 🙁

      1. like so many….been there! 11 months on prednisone did a number in me. The worst was Moon Face. However, once I started to taper & got to 10 It did come down. My GI gave me a bit of a challenge to see if I could loose 10lb in 3 months. This helped me to get into an exercise routine & I’ve found cutting out all refined sugars, most carbs & limiting my alcohol not only helped my colon feel better but also helped to let the weight come off. Having said that, like mentioned with others, the MOST important thing right now is getting your colon to stop overreacting, the weight will come off, we just need to be patient with ourselves …..something I’m really not good at.

        I hope you get relief soon!

        1. you're defo not alone in this! Pred weight gain is a real pain, and most of us can relate!
          For me, it did slowly go away by itself, usually. I have had issues with my weight more recently, and I ended up paying for an App to track my calories etc. It was good because it highlighted that I was actually eating too many carbs and too much sugar. I've spent years trying to gain weight, so to be on the other side of it was very odd!! It was difficult because I wanted to have a balanced diet, but I have to limit how much fruit and veg I eat in one sitting, as well as having a fair few that I can't tolerate. The app linked up to my FitBit, so I got calories back if I exercised, so it did also encourage me to do that!
          I think we're all different. I know some people like the dieting clubs, because they find it easier if they're being held accountable and/or doing it with others.
          ~ Sahara (Team member)

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