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Weird Symptoms, anyone have experience like this?

I’ve been suffering with some strange symptoms for four years. I have periods of time where I am severely nauseous– like can’t stand up straight, need to be near the toilet at all times kind of nausea. It’s completely debilitating. I also have suffered with extreme constipation issues my whole life, and in the last six months, they have gotten increasingly worse. I know these aren’t typical IBD symptoms but has anyone had some experience like this? They’ve ruled out gallbladder, gastroparesis, and an upper endoscopy came up clear…? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you : )

  1. These symptoms, believe it or not, are actually (and unfortunately) quite common. Nausea is the biggest thing that has affected my daily life and I have a very strict regimen now to help make my life as normal as possible.... which seems far from possible right now. So I wanted to offer you some support and ask if they have done any imaging (small bowel follow through) or MRE/MRI to help rule out other things? I've had IBD for 15 years and constantly struggle with compactions and diarrhea methodically.

    Hope this helps you, even just a little!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I have an appointment with my doctor soon so hopefully we can get rolling with something to get to the bottom of it. Sending lots of support your way as well. <3

  2. Hi!

    Just as mentioned above, these symptoms I experience as well. The nausea is the absolute worse. In the meantime, just to help offer relief, have you tried peppermint essential oil? I use a therapeutic essential oil that can be used topically. Whenever I am nauseous I apply it to my stomach and it gives me loads of relief.

    Also, just keep pushing your doctor to run tests until you find an answer. I would suggest, doing the pill cam and a colonoscopy. The more they see inside, the more they can rule out.

    I hope you feel better soon. Don't hesitate to message me if you have any more questions.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Nausea and constipation are two of the symptoms I deal with daily, amongst many others. I am still working on getting things figured out and getting a final diagnosis. I have been adjusting my diet around Crohns. I love and can't start my day without coffee, but it kicks my nausea into overdrive so I have cut back on my morning java. Hang in there, if need be get a second opinion. Sometimes it takes a second or third set of eyes to find what is ailing you.

      1. Hi Grace!
        I have dealt with both of these symptoms, as my "normal" flare was not chronic diarrhea, rather it was constipation and throwing up!
        I hope you can find relief by talking to your GI, as a change in my medication (and removal of dairy from my diet as that was constipating me) helped and have I not experienced these symptoms in years.
        Please keep us posted on your progress!
        --Julie (Team Member)

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