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Tricking UC & Treating CD

Halloween is a favorite holiday in my house because it comes exactly 10 days after my little Hippo’s birthday. He’s a party animal who is always looking for a reason to dress in costume and consume candy. Unfortunately, because it comes right after my baby’s birthday party, by the time Halloween comes around, I’m pooped…no pun intended. Between the Halloween carnivals, classroom parties, birthday parties and changing season, my body usually shuts down by the time Halloween actually arrives.

But, there are ways to ensure you and your kids enjoy the holiday while you are in a full flare or battling fatigue.

Centralize Trick Or Treating

One of the hardest things to do on Halloween is trick or treating. My son is not old enough to trick or treat by himself in a large unsupervised group, so it’s usually up to me to walk him door to door. Solution: Throw a Halloween pot luck party.

Be the Trick or Treat central home. The kids can go out and trick or treat with 3-4 chaperones, while you and a few other adults stay at the house passing out treats to the trick or treaters. Snacks, movies, music and games. It doesn’t have to be large, just a safe home base for your kids and their friends. Make sure to have lots of disposable items and bags or plastic containers so people can take things home. That way your clean up is minimal. If you want to just lay down on the couch and watch movies, you can do that as well. Someone else will pass out candy, the food is already out and the kids are trick or treating. You’re all set to do whatever your body needs to do.

Classroom Party Bundles

Classroom parties are my favorite times of the year! Our school district has minimized the frequency of parties unfortunately. I found that classroom parties were the best ways to volunteer with IBD. You can pair up with another parent, work on party projects or needs from home.

Instead of volunteering for in-class projects, team up with another classroom volunteer and ask him/her to do the in-class craft project and you can order supplies from an online store or bundle up the snacks. I love creating party bundles. I do them for game days and school parties. Holiday themed party pack can include:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Themed Candy
  • Packaged Snack

Decorate them with stickers and their names in a simple paper lunch bag. Find fun crafts online, order the supplies and insert a bundle into their party packs. You can do all of these things from the comfort of your bed or couch!

Utilize The Internet

Do all of your shopping online for a little while. It’s okay! A lot of grocery stores have an online shopping option. Save your steps and your strength if you are really going through it, physically. You can order your decorations, snacks, and anything else you may need. There is no shame in taking short cuts if it’s to preserve your energy for fun with your family and friends.

Non-IBD-Friendly Events

The hardest part about living with IBD during Halloween is not being able to party like an adult. When I’m flaring or suffering from fatigue, alcohol is my enemy. But being social with a drink in my hand or being able to sip on something other than water is always nice when hanging with my friends. Sometimes my friends will ask me if there is something they add to their menu for me. Instead of saying,”No, I’m okay.” I will often make a couple of requests. Perhaps a non-alcoholic tasty drink in a martini glass. Items like, Pirates Booty or Puffs instead of popcorn.

Ask the host if you can bring treats. Bring candy or dessert that you find works for you and bring to add to the dessert table. When friends come to my house I try to make sure I have decaf & caffeinated coffee, dairy free ice cream and gluten free brownies along side the bowls of candy. Homemade Jello or pudding cups with whipped cream (dairy & non dairy options) are also nice favorites to have that can be IBD friendly.

Often we feel like we are just barely surviving. This feeling is none more prevalent than during the holidays. You’re no less of a mom or dad for taking a short cut or just taking a break this, Halloween. Finding ways to fortify your health to enjoy the holiday with your kid is being the best parent you can be!

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