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Tell Us About Your IBD Symptoms

When it comes to IBD, there's one thing we know for sure: The symptoms are rough.

But when it comes to each individual and what their Crohn's or ulcerative colitis looks like, symptoms are pretty variable. Someone may suffer with daily aches and pains, while someone else may experience frequent urgency and diarrhea. Depending on the person – and depending on the day of the week, really – these symptoms can range across a wide spectrum.

So we're asking you – our community – to tell us more about yoursymptoms. What do they feel like? Which ones are hardest to manage? And which ones are simply just the worst?

The worst symptom of Crohn's and UC

Tell us what you think. Is it the abdominal pain? Having to constantly run to the bathroom? The achey joints? It may be hard to pick just one, so bring 'em on. We want to know.

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Knock-down, drag-out FATIGUE

We know this is an especially hated symptom. Many people living with Crohn's or ulcerative colitis are living with frequent, energy-zapping fatigue. And it's not just a "regular tired" feeling. It's heavier than that.

It's constant lethargy. It's knock-down, drag-out exhaustion. And it's common in people with IBD. Is this something you experience?

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The peak of all symptoms: a full-on flare

Our worst enemy: the flare. When all those symptoms come together and put our bodies through the ringer. We feel for anyone who has even endured IBD flare pain – it's not for the faint of heart.

We want to hear about your worst flare ever. How did it feel? Do you know what triggered it? How long did it last? What were your symptoms? How did you finally get relief?

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We're in this together

The pain is real and the symptoms are terrible. And sometimes you need to vent with people who get it. That's what the IBD community is here for. Share your own story, or lend a listening ear to someone who needs it.

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