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Knock-down, drag-out FATIGUE

Tell us: What does your fatigue feel like?
(And if you have any tips for combatting it... Lay 'em on us!)

  1. Like my arms and legs weigh a thousand pounds

    1. My fatigue is worse than that,Most of the time I don't have the strength or energy.And the pain is always so intense that it prevents me from finishing most tasks. I have the hardest time trying to navigate thru . It is very frustrating I cry a lot.

      1. Hi . Please know that you are not alone and your frustration is certainly understandable. Our contributor Sara wrote here about how even the smallest tasks can be big accomplishments: And I want to add "and that's o.k." - take the accomplishments when they come. I remember an analogy from someone with a different autoimmune condition on when only half the laundry gets folded - she spoke of the basket as being half full, as opposed to half empty. This community is here for you. Best, Richard (Team Member)

    2. Whole body aches without causative injury. Brain fog. Too tired for even self care.

      1. Our hearts go out to you. Have you found anything that offers any sort of relief? -Jessica, Team Member

    3. bloted

      1. Definitely, the bloat gets to me, too. No matter how much I watch my sodium intake, when I'm in a flare, my belly looks like I'm 8 months pregnant. Here are a couple of articles about dealing with IBD "bloat:" as well as Matt's story
        Here's one I wrote:

        I hope these articles help as you deal with bloating. Take Care, Traci--UC-IBD Team Member

      2. fennel capsules or tea helps that a lot. It tastes like black licorice.

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