Do you feel bad even in “clinical remission”?

My gastro says I am in clinical remission based on my last colonoscopy. I still feel tired. I still cramp and have urgency. My joints hurt. Anyone else?

Community Answers
  • tanyag
    7 months ago

    Hi there I was and may still be in remission with symptoms. It’s unfortunate remission isn’t what we were hoping for. But I hope some day it will be. Best of luck

  • Marisa Lauren Troy moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi there! We are so sorry you are feeling so badly. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to still not be feeling well despite being told you are in clinical remission. However, given the fact that your joints hurt, have you considered seeing a rhuematologist? Inflammatory bowel disease is often associated with arthritis in some patients so it may be worth having blood work done just to make sure nothing is being missed. Hope you find the answers and relief you deserve soon! ~Marisa

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