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Managing fatigue

How can I better manage IBD related fatigue?

Community Answers
  • Sickforever
    2 years ago

    People just don’t understand how bad the fatigue really is ! My doctor has prescribed several different medications but they all seem to make me nauseated. As for me I have all but givin up on trying to find a solution for the extreme fatigue. I am just wore out EVERYDAY weather I am in a flare up or not !

  • Krystal Miller
    3 years ago

    This is probably one of the things i find the hardest to manage. Fatigue is awful. You feel completely drained and unable to muster the energy to fight. I find being honest and loving with yourself. Be true and know that although you might get the occasional good day, that doesnt mean you have to over do it. Know your limits and accept that as a part of your recovery process you need to sleep and rest – which is easier said than done. If you have kids, accept that you are completely justified in sleeping on the couch while they destroy the house! think of it as a 80% 20% balance.

  • Sara Ringer
    3 years ago

    First I’d recommend you and your doctor looking into things that cause IBD-related fatigue that are more easily fixable. The most obvious being lack of sleep which IBD can contribute to. My GI referred me to the sleep center who was able to help me. Next have your labs checked. If you have iron deficiency anemia that definitely contributes to fatigue. Your GI will most likely recommend iron supplements or getting iron infusions. I receive iron infusions when my levels get really low and that helps restore them pretty quickly which helps me feel a lot better. They will also want to check for anything else in your labs that are off and help get your labs back to normal. Some other contributors to fatigue is nutritional status and the medications you are on. It is important that you communicate to your doctors how you are feeling and that your doctors take your fatigue seriously and help you to find solutions.

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