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Educated, empathetic, caring, artistic….sorry guys, I’m a poop 👑

Instead of re-living the same pain journey, here’s some fun points.
1) Diagnosed age 19 when nursing college started, perfect timing cause no freshman weight gain! Also I was lucky to be knowledgeable in that area during placements!
2) Moved to Toronto and would eat anything! Not a calorie counter, not then, not now!
3) 7 surgeries later (skipping infections, complications, crying, pain so bad I still have nightmares). It turns out, I love peach jello! Thanks Dr. Oakner
4) Baby wipe warmers are amazing.
5) I’m happy enough to write this silly list cause of my incredible boyfriend, who swears I’m beautiful even on my worst days. He’s the reason I feel beautiful & try to match my inner & outer beauty 💜💩
So lucky for my Mr.M. Owen

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  • BeautifullyBrokenLisaMo author
    2 months ago

    I use humour as a coping mechanism obviously , just letting everyone know I’m not glorifying or degrading the disease…I have it, more severe than I have the energy to elaborate! Please no rude comments, let’s support each other. We are the strongest humans in this poopy group! I also stay positive as much as I can, it does make s huge difference feeling less stress or anxiety. Crohn’s disease is an awful, debilitating, painful, annoying life changing disturbance. However, I doubt I’d realize how strong I truly am (mentally, emotionally) and I appreciate each day so much it’s hard to describe. I also am glad it shaped my character. Who cares about petty things, listening to people complain of crumbs on the counter left by their husband, or how they have to lose weight before New Years….ggggrrrrrrr…first I’ll tell that person they r lucky to be breathing and healthy, not trapped in a hospital bed missing out on regular life. I’m glad that I know what TRULY matters in life.
    Crohn’s is definitely a nightmare but it’s wrapped with a magic bow to let fighters who battle this war daily, know that happiness & love is the key to everything, and be nice to everyone as we are all struggling with something, even if u don’t know what it is yet.
    Sending strength to fellow crohnies, love to the fallen, & hope to anyone feeling “normal” today!!!

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