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General Discussion

Is my doctor right for me?

  • By smv1421

    I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and my Gastroenterologist started me on Flagyl. When that was done I was to wait another 2 weeks before seeing him again but my symptoms got worse as soon as the Flagyl was finished. I called and have now been on Endocort for over a month. He has not really explained much to me and when I ask questions it seems like he doesn’t really have answers. He is not giving me any information and I feel like he may not have a great understanding of Crohn’s. It has been very frustrating to have him concentrate on my bowels and not all the other stuff that I have with it. Yes I have diarrhea, yes my abdomen hurts but I am also exhausted, my joints hurt and I just want some answers I feel only he can give.

    If he is not answering my questions am I right to think he is not the doctor for me? Am I just frustrated with this disease that presents different for everyone and have overreacted to not getting the answers?

    If anyone else has had this problem please let me know how you handled it. Thank you!

  • By SusanHU

    Hi smv421,

    Thank you for sharing your story here – this sounds really frustrating! I can’t tell you whether this doctor is the right one for you or not but it sounds like you would at least benefit from seeing another doctor! Each doctor is a bit different in their style and if this one isn’t working for you, that is totally fine. You need to feel comfortable with your care team – and like they are on your side!

    We have a few articles about this as well but I’d say start here:

    I’m also hoping that @colitis-ninja and @gillendor will weigh in as well – I think they might have something to add!

    Keep us posted on your search, we’ll be thinking of you!

    Susan ( Team Member)

  • By Gillendor

    Hey there! I would agree with you and Susan! I think you would benefit from seeing another doctor. You absolutely need to feel comfortable with your doctor because it is a relationship you will have for a long time. I bring a list of questions in to my doctor every time I see him, and he does his best to answer them all. If he doesn’t have an answer he tells me and sends me to a specialist that could likely help. So, if you feel he isn’t listening to you and doing his best to help you, then certainly consider another doctor. I’m of the mindset that every patient should be proactive in becoming educated about their disease but your doctor should also being informing you too.
    I understand exactly how you feel, it’s more than just gut issues. I suffer with the same joint pain and fatigue. I have consulted other specialists for those things because a GI doc only specializes in the gastro system. While these things may be occurring because of Crohn’s disease or the medication you are on, I’ve found you still have to consult someone that specializes in that specific issue. However, I keep my gastro doc in the loop on all symptoms so that they are aware of what’s going on and what my quality of life is like. While we don’t always get answers, I don’t think that means we should stop seeking them! You have to live with this, so do what you feel you have to do to get the best quality of life possible! That is the most important thing in coping with this disease!

  • By smv1421

    Thank you both for your response. I have found an IBD clinic that is a little over an hour away and will be calling them. It is at a teaching hospital. My husband seemed to think I was ready to dump my GI too quickly. He felt I should wait it out and see what happens. To him it is not a big deal, doctors know what they are doing.
    I am not trying to dump my current GI, I just want to be sure I am getting the treatment and answers I need.
    Thanks again! Your responses are appreciated!

  • By smv1421

    I have had a trip to the ER and follow up with my PCP. I am being referred to both the IBD Clinic as well as a new local GI. My current GI told the ER doctor I was having a flare and to give me pain meds, no need for a CT. The pain is totally different from my normal Crohn’s pain and I am glad I insisted to keep looking as it now seems I may have Gastroparesis in addition to Crohn’s. More test to come to see just how quick or slow my stomach is actually emptying. This possible extra issue is almost too much. I love food! Being able to eat only a palm full of food every few hours stinks! Guess my point for all out there, even if Crohn’s is a new diagnosis you know what your disease feels like. If something changes don’t stop looking for answers! Best of luck to all!

  • By Bowelblast

    I was diagnosed with Corhn’s last August after a small bowel blockage resulted in having part of it removed. Six years before that Corhn’s was suspected after a five day stay in the ICU for a serious infection from a possible tick bite. A subsequent CAT scan revealed a restricted bowel, for which no explanation was given. During this same period of time, I was further diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and was treated at first with metformin until the constant GI track problems compelled me to change meds. In hindsight, I probably should of sought out a second opinion, which would be my advice to you, if you remain uncomfortable with your current Doctor.