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Oral crohn’s disease diagnosis – can swelling reduce?

  • By Bezy

    Hi everyone, this is my first post and i have only just joined the group. So hello to everybody.

    I have been diagnosed with oral crohn’s and my mouth and lips are swollen my consultant prescribed some special mouthwash to help with ulcers etc….

    I have a few more tests to do to clarify everything but does anyone know of my lips will ever go back to normal or at least decrease in size? Has anyone else suffered in this way. Thank you for any info.

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  • By SusanHU Keymaster

    Hi @bezy,

    I am so sorry that you did not receive any answers from our community members – we don’t get as much experience with oral crohn’s disease, I have to admit. I wanted to check in on you though and see how things have progressed. Has your swelling gone down/stayed the same? Were you able to get some information from your doctor?

    We’re thinking of you and know your information could be helpful too. Please let us know!

    Susan ( Team Member)

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