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General Discussion

Pain medication question with CD

  • By bjrosenbloom

    Can you please make a suggestion of type of pain medication (non narcotic please) I can ask either my primary or my gastro for? I have CD and arthritis (in addition to have intracranial hypertension that was treated with a lumbar peritoneal shunt). I still suffer headaches etc. Due to the CD I have ulcers in my stomach itself and not able to take NSAIDs. My medication list is:
    Humira Weekly
    Methotrexate 20 mg weekly
    Folic Acid
    Nexium 40mg daily
    Prednisone (down to 5mg currently but have not been able to get off of it completely)
    Vitamin D
    Skelaxin (when needed)

    My family doctor has informed me that she won’t prescribe anything because my case is “complicated”. My Gastro has told me to see my primary physician. I am currently looking for an “internal medicine” doctor since I do seem to be more “complicated” than your average person.

    Thanks in advance,

  • By SusanHU

    Hi bjrosenbloom,

    Thank you for your post and for being a member of our site – we’re happy to have you! It sounds like you’ve had a hard time finding treatments that work for you and work with your different conditions. Unfortunately, we cannot offer medical advice over the internet (for your safety!) but you can find more information about treatment options here:

    It does sound like you’re on the lookout for a new doctor which is great idea. Your healthcare team should partner with you on this process and offer solutions. If your current team isn’t meeting your needs or expectations it’s more than okay to seek out others who may be a better fit and we support you in that decision!

    Here are a few posts written by other members about switching physicians and finding the right care team (I hope they help!): and

    Please keep us posted on your situation and let us know how you’re doing!

    Happy holidays,
    Susan ( Team Member)

  • By sadlady

    I have short bowel along with massive adhesions and now crohns. The gi has tried a lot of medications with no success so far (bile absorbers, 6 mp and steroids) I got some relief from steroids but can not ween off them. During this time I also convinced the Dr to let me try opium tincture to control pain and crohns symptoms. I wasn’t taking much .7 cc twice a day and life became worth living again. The pain and overwhelming fatigue was gone and the best part is the slowing of the gi tract mobility that kept my bathroom trip down to 6 to 8 a day. I could eat what I want without worrying, even consumed vegetables and it did not come out looking like it went in. I gain my energy back and only had a few days every few months where the pain and symptoms were bad enough to keep me on the couch all day. Well here comes the bad part, out of nowhere my last visit he refused to give me another prescription for opium tincture that he had been giving me for the last two years. He said it is not considered standard of care for crohns and just flat out refused telling me to use Lomotil instead. I’ve done lomotil and if I take a little I get no relief if I add more gi mobility just stops completely not to mention it does nothing to help the pain. so I am back on the couch, heating pads and runs to the bathroom. I am waiting to hear if the local pain dr will accept me as a patient ( I guess the have to review records and then let you know if they will see you) in the meantime I sit and suffer. No otc drugs comes close to touching pain and only seem to aggravate the crohns. The bathroom runs are sucking all my energy out of me and all I feel like doing is crying from frustration. Any ideas on pain meds that may help?

    Oh yes, the gi wants me to try biologics ( Humira) but I am reluctant because of the pain caused by processing the 6 mp drugs through my liver that shot my numbers up and never stopped climbing.

    Short bowel 2002
    Crohns 2015

  • By SusanHU

    Thank you for sharing your story sadlady. We’re so sorry that you’ve been dealing with all of this and aren’t getting the support or information you need. It sounds like you’re trying to get a second opinion which seems like a great place to start. We hope you’re able to get in to see the other doctor and build a healthcare team that works with you. Please keep us posted on your journey and let us know how we can help! – Susan ( Team Member)

  • By Sickforever

    My primary care doctor is the one that prescribes my pain medication Norco. He has helped me more than my GI doctor. The GI doctor’s don’t believe the pain is severe enough which we all know isn’t true. I currently don’t have a GI doctor because in my area they all belong to one group, I have about given up !!!!