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Suspected IBD

  • By j1234

    Hi all,

    I’m new to this forum as I have suspected IBD, and will be having a flexible sigmoidoscopy tomorrow.

    I’ve been OK until this point, but starting to feel a little apprehensive about it all now, especially as I was referred through the urgent two-week route. Is this normal for suspected IBD?

    Main symptoms are:

    * A sudden change in bowel movements since the beginning of December – started with chronic diarrhoea, then constipation (although now slowly starting to become more regular)
    * Passing blood and mucus with every bowel movement – blood is mainly in the stool and maroon red
    * Pain, mostly just before and after a bowel movement
    * Bloating
    * Fatigue

    I have always suffered with bloating and some pain but never thought anything of it until I started passing blood.

    I also haven’t experienced any weight loss; in fact I’ve gained around a stone in the last 18 months – this is unusual for me as I’ve always struggled to gain weight.

    My blood tests came back normal, apart from low iron, but my faecal protection test came back as positive.

    Any advice on what to expect tomorrow or where to even start after being diagnosed would be gratefully received 🙂

    Thank you

  • By j1234

    One other symptom I have is that I’ve started to develop sores on the sides on my tongues – they seem to be triggered by acidic or spicy food.

    I’ve read that canker sores can also be common to IBD?