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General Discussion

UC and Psoriasis

  • By sparky77

    I have been experiencing along with UC psoriasis and very itchy skin.
    Anyone else ?

  • By Shawn Bethea Moderator

    My friend also lives with Psoriasis along with UC too. I have UC and a ton of issues, especially with dry and itchiness. I was diagnosed with Eczema as a child. My arms are covered in dark patches. – Not too fun to look at.

    – Shawn, Team Member

  • By Kelly C (#purpleproject) Moderator

    My Psoriasis has always been biologic-induced. With my current regimen, it’s the worst it’s ever been. I’m trying all new meds and my itch med has hardly given me relief. I have to weigh a lot of options right now. I’m sorry you’re struggling with this too!!