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A question for Crohn's or UC patients

From a Crohn's or UC patient perspective, what's an item OR service you would love to be gifted? Something that would make your day better or easier?

  1. Hi , what a great question and a tough one as well.
    I think, for me, as I am currently an ostomate, I would have to say hydration drinks, powders or tablets. I have plenty of bags and such but other than the gift of money (*snicker snicker*) keeping hydrated is very important.
    In my early days of Crohn's it would have been nice to have been gifted with the ability to talk with a mental professional anytime I needed to.
    How about you?
    Vern - IBD Team Member

    1. I love when my partner makes meals for me when I'm feeling awful. He knows what I can eat and what I can't and we have some safe recipes. But sometimes it's so hard to cook and I'm grateful every time he does it for me. -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

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