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Anal stenosis

Hi, I was diagnosed with crohns aged 13 & had a small bowel resection at 15. A decade on I've started to experience anal stenosis, 2 episodes in 2 years. I have high anxiety levels which likely do not help. Has anyone else experiencing this? Any good tips to keep calm and positive bowel movement?

  1. Hi @Liana, I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this! While I have not personally dealt with anal stenosis, I did want to provide you some resources for dealing with stress and anxiety:

    For myself, I deal with my anxiety/stress by:

    1. Finding hobbies that relax me and engaging in them.
    2. Practicing deep breathing when I can.
    3. Letting myself make a plan about the worst case scenario and then reminding myself I do have that plan.
    4. Taking a shower which relaxes me.
    5. Speaking to a therapist.

    Hope some of these could help! Please keep us updated.

    - Eshani (Team Member)

    1. Hi .
      Sorry, I am just trying to understand what you meant when you said you have experienced two episodes? Anal stenosis is obviously a narrowing/stricture. Do you mean you have had two periods of time in which passing stool has been difficult? Have you had the stricture dilated in between?
      I don't personally have experience of this, but I did have strictures with my J-pouch which often caused pain and stool to back up. By then, I had no colon, so it basically just resulted in increased frequency and urgency. Because my colon had gone, it wasn't solid stool.
      I want to help, but I'm not really certain what information will help you.
      For me, relaxation comes in the form of yoga and baths!
      ~ Sahara (Team member)

      1. Hello there! I have had Crohn's Disease for 30 years. Last year I got a new physician who set me up with self dilation and I have to say she saved my life!! Please talk to your doctor about this simple procedure and you will not be disappointed. The first week or so it's a little scary and sort of uncomfortable but once you are on a schedule (mine is every 3 days) you will be just fine. And this simple procedure showed fairly immediate results with my bowel movements: no longer did I have the urgency immediately after I ate, I have no straining or difficulty with bms, and I actually feel "normal" again. My doctor told me that when you suffer anal stenosis then your body cannot eliminate properly, and that is why I would have loose, explosive situations, but no longer with my self dilation practice. Simple, easy and painless. Good luck.

        1. pleased to hear that you have had such positive results. Hoping it continues for you!
          ~ Sahara (team member)

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