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Any Ayurvedic treatment of Inflammatory bowel disease?

I have been doing a lot of research on Ayurveda (Ancient Indian Medication) lately and found out several remedies for treating a number of diseases. However, I couldn't find much aboutInflammatory bowel disease. One site talks about the Ayurvedic remedies for Inflammatory bowel disease, but I need to know if anyone out there has any experience about Ayurvedic treatment of Inflammatory bowel disease? I am looking forward to hear more about it. Thanks

  1. Hi , thank you for your question! I have not used Ayurveda myself for IBD, but as I am Indian, I am familiar with the concept. From my understanding, Ayurvedic practitioners believe that each individual should speak with an expert themselves to find remedies that work individually. Therefore, it may not be the best idea to find a general remedy online. I would also strongly recommend talking to your Western doctor about any remedy, because certain supplements can affect the Western medication you're on. Hope this helps a little! Good luck. -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

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