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Anybody's Crohn's begin with a perianal abscess/fistula?

Hi everyone,

Did anybody here have their Crohn's begin with a perianal abscess or fistula? If so, what has the progress of your disease been? I ask because I had a perianal abscess/fistula almost 7 years ago, but after the fistulotomy I haven't noticed much of anything symptom-wise and I have no inflammation in my rectum or anal canal, so Im perplexed and a little terrified because I keep expected some horrible dragon to awaken in my intestines. Im guessing it must have been a superficial or simple fistula since the fistulotomy really knocked it out. The abscess was really nasty though- blood and pus squirting out of my anus. The fistula, on the other hand, was mild and I had little to no drainage after excision. The anxiety makes it difficult to function, even though I feel fine and havent had any significant anal issues since (barring the occasional hemorrhoid) and Ive never had any significant intestinal issues. Ive read that, in rare cases, intestinal disease can be delayed by up to 5 years...but Im almost at the 7 year mark. Just looking for everyone else's stories specific to this.


  1. Thank you for your question, !
    These articles may help you gain more information about fistulas and perianal disease:
    I hope these help as you navigate your journey! Stay well and please let us know if you have any other questions!
    --Julie (Team Member)

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