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Anyone suffering from partial obstruction in the small bowel?

I'm partially obstructed in the small bowel due to scar tissue from previous surgeries, I'm scheduled for surgery in two weeks, any recommendations given will be gratefully appreciated!

  1. Hi!
    Not currently. Do you have questions or just trying to connect with someone going through it? I'm so sorry you're having to live through that pain right now!
    -Brooke Team Member

    1. Hi Bella!
      I had a small bowel obstruction in the wintertime. What type of recommendations are you looking for? SO so sorry you're experiencing this right now! -Amanda ( Team Member)

      1. I've had a couple surgeries due to obstruction. Always felt so much better after! Hope all went well for you & speedy recovery

        1. My advice would be to get a second opinion. Surgeries for scar tissue are tricky.

          The reason is with each surgery we are likely to long-term develop even more scar tissue. Scar tissue, essentially, results from each surgery (in most cases).

          If it is needed, of course do it. But that has been my experience from talking with doctors/surgeons. Hope you feel better.

          --Matt (Team Member)

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