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Are any of you tired of this life?

I've had Crohn's for 30 years and now have Ankylosing Spondylitis and kidney disease. I'm almost forty and I don't think I will make it to 50. I'm not suicidal, just done. Any relate?

  1. Hi CDGurl, I just wanted to let you know that we're all here for you while you go through this hard time and are happy to answer questions you may have. You’re certainly are not alone. Please keep us posted and know that we’re here for you. Thinking of you, Pam ( team member)

    1. Hi ,

      I can relate. After my AS diagnosis, I felt an overwhelming sense of defeat and anxiety. And on occasion, I still do. When those days come, I let myself grieve and mourn. And then the next day, I find the joy. My diseases make it hard for me to live my life as a mother and productive citizen, but they also allow me to see the world a different way. Each day I try to find the silver lining and joy in what the day brings. Yes, it may take me a little longer to get my day started, but I have my days! Stay in touch. We are here for you on the good and bad days! xo Brooke (Team Member

      1. Hi CDGurl, as cliche as it may sound, there are many who have felt and feel as you do. Just like Brooke said, I too try to find a silver lining... I call it a win. Whenever something feels too heavy because of my health, I look for a win that was had and try to focus on that. Sometimes I get lost in the "meh" of things and need to refocus. I hope you can find a win soon. And when you do, I hope you share it with us! - Holland ( team member)

        1. Tired of crohns when it flares, but not tired of Life, good days I hang on to for Dear Life, Blessed to have better days than so many with Cancer, etc .. Cherish every good moment I have

      2. Hi. Sorry for what you are going through. It is normal to feel this way. These conditions can be very challenging.

        Hopefully you will see better days soon.

        Keep hoping those better days will come and sometimes they really do.

        Take Care!


        Matt (Team Member)

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