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Banatrol, a first line defence?

Very conservative foods, applesauce, cream of rice fortified with minerals and vitamins, mashed potatoes, oat milk.
Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis via colonoscopy, colon fully involved.
5 months on mesalamine, no improvement.
2 courses of prednisone, no improvement.
1 course of budesonide, no improvement.
Loss of 40 lbs, lately at one pound per day.
Four diapers full per day, bedridden and doctors want biologics involved.

Banatrol - diarrhea and incontinence gone in four days. First weight gain in months.

  1. That is wonderful, ! I am so relieved for you that you're getting such relief. I had to do a quick google of Banatrol (I had never heard of it), but it sounds like it's often used for IBS and recurring diarrhea. It is great to hear that it's made such a difference for you. Of course, for anyone else thinking of starting, it's always good to check with your physician before starting anything new. Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of the community here, we appreciate hearing from members about things that are bringing them relief! Wishing you a gentle day. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

    1. Banatrol is considered to be a medical food, not a drug. Unless you have a problem with bananas, you can take it indefinitely without side-effects. It is a banana flake proprietary concoction combined with a pre-biotic. Most like the flavor, we combine it with applesause to increase the pectin slightly (it already contains pectin) and make it more flavorful. The only downside I've found is cost, depending upon dose (we use it 3 times/day) it can be fairly expensive, something like $110.00 per month. Many people are able to reduce the dose with time, as we hope to do eventually. To get a feel for how people with IBS-IBD respond to it, I recommend the Amazon sales reviews - it is eye-opening to say the least.

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