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Can Crohn's be diagnosed via capsule endoscopy if it's not during a flare up?

I have been dealing with severe abdominal pain for the past year and a half. Last year it would happen every time I ate and lasted for months. My doctor said it wasn't Crohn's because it was in my upper abdomen and Crohn's is usually in the lower portion of the digestive tract. Then the pain stopped so I stopped testing. It started happening again about three months ago. After having countless tests done I believe it's Crohn's, but now it's been about a month since I've had the pain. If it is Crohn's and I were to do the capsule endoscopy would it be accurate if it's not during a flare up?

  1. Hi there , welcome to our community and thanks for reaching out. We're sorry to hear that you've been experiencing this pain for a little while now without finding any answers as to what may be causing it- we know that can be so frustrating and exhausting. We highly encourage you to bring this question up with your doctor, as they will be able to best answer it. I believe the capsule endoscopy will still show inflammation in the intestine, whether or not you are flaring. Please keep us updated, if you can. Best, Ashley (IBD Team Member)

    1. Hey ,

      You have said that the pain went away. Were you given any kind of treatment to make it go? I ask because whilst it's not impossible, it would certainly not be "normal" for a Crohn's Disease flare to just go into remission by itself, without any intervention.

      If there is no flare and no inflammation at the time then the capsule endoscopy obviously wouldn't be able to show any. Crohn's can leave traces of itself/scarring though, so it could be possible for that to be seen.

      For me personally, biopsies have always been the best indicator.

      As above, we're obviously not medical professionals, so the best person to ask would be the specialist.

      - Sahara (team member)

      1. If your crohns is in the small intestine how does a doctor view that area? I know they cant go too far with EGD scope

        1. Hi ,

          There are a number or tests that can be carried out to check the small intestine. A pill cam would be one of those, plus upper endoscopy, both of which you can read a little more about here:

          X-ray, CT or MRI's may also be used. More info on those here:

          I hope that helps!

          - Sahara (team member)

        2. Thanks Sahara.

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