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Can you get a handicap placard for Crohn's Disease?

This question has been pulled directly from our facebook page!

  1. Yes, you can absolutely get a handicap placard. Speak to your doctor, either GI or Rheumatologist, and have them sign the paperwork you have downloaded from the DMV in your state. IBD is considered a disability.

    1. Yes. I have never gotten one but I know that it is possible. You can also get disability for IBD. Thanks.

      Matt (Team Member)

      1. Can I get an application for a handy cap from the DMV in Ohio? I do not have a computer

        1. Hi Matthew, unfortunately this is not something we can provide for you. I would advise you to call the DMV directly to see if you can receive an application and then take the application to your doctor. Warmly, Pam (team member)

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