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Will slight colon inflammation sort itself out?

Hi, my son had a bit of an off diet week last week, a lot of takeaways etc, because he was out and about and feeling well. This week he’s been going to the toilet about three times a day instead of his usual 1 and it’s much runnier than normal. It’s hasn't gotten any worse but has been like that for about 4 days. It isn’t causing pain, his stomach is gassy and he has a sudden urge to go to the toilet and a bit of blood splatting. I’ve emailed his IBD nurse and she suggested a sample and perhaps steroids. He says it’s not that bad, and I don’t think it is too bad as he’s managing work etc. I just wondered from anyone else’s experience, will it sort itself out or does he need to curb it to protect him for future? Or, does it not work like that? Sorry so many questions, I just don’t want things to get worse in the future and cause more damage, if we just let it sort itself out? Thank you.

  1. There really is no way of knowing. IBD is so unpredictable, so I wouldn't feel comfortable saying either way.
    Sometimes, we may just cause some irritation, that might go away on it's own after a few weeks of looking after our health better. That said, a flare can go from minor to sever in a matter of days, so deciding to look after yourself better for the next few weeks may not actually help and then you're in a full blown flare which is harder to get under control!
    For me, I think I'd always rather be safe than sorry, but that's a personal thing!

    - Sahara (team member)

    1. Thank you, it went on another week so he got in touch with the doctor and between them decided steroids to clear things up, which they have settled things, it’s learning what works for him at each stage, like you say it’s a very individual thing and to try and avoid A & E and a total mess which we’ve had in the past, but certainly dealing with things sooner rather than later has helped us manage things a bit better, thank you all for your support

      1. I'm glad to hear things have settled for him !

        Yes, it's definitely about learning about your own personal version of IBD! Having said that, I thought I had mastered recognising an imminent flare a few years back, and then I was presented with a whole new range of symptoms that were not my normal ones - very unpredictable at times!

        Hope all stays well 😀

        - Sahara (team member)

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