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Home Health Infusions

Hi all!

Wondering if any of you on infusion medications receive regular home infusions instead of at the hospital or an infusion center. I have previously done both (hospital and infusion center) but during the pandemic I have arranged to receive Remicade at home. I was wondering if you had experiences with this that you'd mine sharing including your perceived pros and cons. I had my first home infusion on Friday and it went well, but I'm conflicted about where to advocate to get infusions post-pandemic.

Amanda (team member)

  1. I started on home biology high tech shots. But due to the state I was in after 4 weeks in I.C.U 12 days life support after emergency surgery. I went from monthly fortnight to weekly I got first fusion 3 days on feeling alot better

    1. So glad to hear you are feeling better. You have been through a lot. -Elizabeth (team member)

    2. thanks ur very kind im honesty lucky iv alot to live for always someone worse off somewhere thanks again hope ur feeling good

  2. Any questions no question to small il try my hardest to help

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