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Colonoscopy Endoscopy Results

I have had so many Crohn's symptoms since November and it got really bad in December. As soon as my doctor did blood and fecal tests to rule out bacterial infections or any kind of food poisoning, he had me get my gallbladder checked the next week, and then another week later after seeing me still in so much pain and having so much abdominal tenderness and discomfort, I was sent to the GI suspecting Crohn's. From there I was scheduled for more blood and fecal tests, gallbladder ultrasound, a HIDA scan, which has to be rescheduled because they couldn't get an iv in, and just this past week the dreaded colonoscopy and endoscopy together. I wasn't really able to stomach much the week before as I was really sick so I was sticking to soup, bread, and ensure before I had to start prep. The procedure went well, minimal inflammation and nothing scary. Doc said I could have internal hemorrhoids causing the occasional bleeding. They did take biopsies but I am waiting to hear back on that. I also had a fever the night after and into the next day. I know so many people have said they had luck with the pill cam. I'm just not sure if it's worth it given such clean colonoscopy results. I was also taken off of dicyclamine (which gave very minimal relief) a few weeks ago as it was making me dizzy and now I have just been without anything and am in so much pain and discomfort. So I guess my question here is what should my next steps be?

  1. I'm so sorry to hear how much pain you're in, . Have you since heard back regarding your biopsies? It can be so frustrating when you're having all these symptoms, yet can't find any answers. I know many people here can relate 🙁 I know you said the dicyclamine was making you dizzy. Have you tried any complimentary therapies to help with your pain?

    I'm hoping you find some answers soon! We're here for you and thinking of you - Pam (team member)

    1. Thank you Pam

      1. Thank you @Pam.Kingsland . I had my follow up with the GI and he is now suggesting IBS as the biopsies he took all came back normal. He finally prescribed me something for the pain: amitriptyline, (as I am sensitive to certain medications) and loperamide for the bathroom problems. I have to get more strick with the low- fodmap meaning cut out the bread 🙁 to see if it works better. As frustrated as I am, I'm glad to be getting something for the pain again at least.

        1. I would definitely do the pill cam. Even if you have a clean colonoscopy, the colonoscopy only shows the large intestine. The pill came shows the small intestine. You may very well have inflammation in the small intestine which hasn't been seen yet. Also, I would suggest diet change to help with the pain. Stay away from dairy, grains and processed sugars and start taking a probiotic everyday. That will significantly help with the pain.

          I wish you the best! I hope this helps.

          Always dancing,
          Elizabeth (team member)

          1. Thank you ,
            I asked my doctor if there was a reasonable possibility of the inflammation being mostly in the small intestins and he said that based on my lab draws over a month ago, my blood work was in normal range and that with my colonoscopy biopsies being normal there isn't a need for further testing. He said It must be Ibs and internal hemorrhoids causing the bleeding, so we should treat it as such and then go from there. I was also told I really need to stay strictly to the diet plan so we can tell the difference between food agitators and the new medication. I've pretty much been doing low fodmap this whole time except I still have cheese and normal bread. I can't eat strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or any type of seeds, nuts, or sprout either though. It feels so very limiting. I'm not sure if my overall health really is my GI's main concern though after this past visit. Any of my questions were answered basically as "I don't think you don't need that right now" and "let your allergist test for whatever they want, hell let them test for everything" referring to weather or not I should get tested for milk or gluten allergies since I have a follow up soon and I'm being told to cut them out for my gut. I explained to him that my concern was my health in the long run and specifically wanted to know if it would be helpful to get this done, that I don't have the money to let people test me for anything and everything , and that his sarcasm was not at all helpful to me. I think it might be time for a new opinion but I also want to see how this goes with the new meds first. It's extremely frustrating and every time I have to see either of my doctors, it seems like they aren't willing to listen to my concerns unless it means more money for them specifically.

          2. Ugh. So sorry you are dealing with this. Seems like you definitely need a second opinion. It's so important to be heard and to feel cared for by your doctor, and it seems like he is kind not really hearing your needs.

            I would still push for a pill cam test. That would be my suggestion. Also, have you considered seeing a Naturopathic Medical Doctor? You should google to see if there are any in your area. Just a thought!

            Deep breathes. I know how frustrated you feel. Keep pushing for tests. Keep pushing for information. And keep educating yourself. You have to spearhead the charge to get healthy. You got this!

            Always dancing,
            Elizabeth (team member)

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