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Constipation as primary UC symptom

Hello everyone! I just joined this group today! I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis a year ago and just wanted to see if anyone shares my symptoms? They are not the typical UC symptoms so I always thought I had IBS. However, the blood in my stool warranted a colonoscopy which proved my IBS assumption wrong. Does anyone else have constipation as their primary UC symptom? I rarely get diarrhea. Before I went to my GI specialist, coffee always helped me stay regular. However, my doctor also diagnosed me with GERD and esophogitis. As a result, he told me to completely quit caffeine which has really made my constipation worse. I have been prescribed a daily laxative but I hate it because of the excessive gas and cramps it causes. Since I experience constipation, gas, and cramps almost daily, the only indication of a flare up that I've noticed is passing excessive mucus. Does anyone experience something similar to this? Thanks!

  1. Hey , WELCOME! I'm sorry it took so long to reply to this thread. Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear how you're struggling. It can be so frustrating and so much trial and error.. which is also just exhausting!

    You definitely are not alone in having constipation as a primary UC symptom. I wanted to share some articles written by some of our advocates who have similar experiences.

    Also some tips from other UC advocates regarding diet and natural solutions (just in case you find this helpful too!):

    Please keep us updated on how you're doing! We're here for you and thinking of you. Sending positive vibes your way, Pam (team member)

    1. constipation is a pretty common symptom of proctitis. The blood and mucous makes sense as the disease is active in your rectum.
      Can you speak to your doctor to see if there is something they can prescribe to help the gas pain? I actually buy over the counter remedies from the Pharmacy or supermarket. I have found peppermint capsules can be helpful for me too.
      A lot of IBD is trial and error, so keeping a food diary may be useful. Some of the things I have seen others mention that loosen their stools are fruit juices and live yoghurt. I'm not saying they will help alleviate your symptoms, because everyone is different, but may be worth a try. Also, increasing your water intake may help.
      Good luck!
      - Sahara (team member)

      1. Hi ,

        Have you tried taking probiotics? That helped me so much with constipation along with Peppermint Essential Oil.

        I hope you have been feeling better.

        Big hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

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