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Coping with moderate symptoms

I have moderate disease. while I am grateful to have escaped major abdominal surgery, I still deal with the work day interrupted by bathroom trips, having to return home early because of symptoms, fissure pain and surgery (thankfully recovered) and fatigue. I was just screened out of a clinical trial today because of too mild symptoms and that frustrates me. I would love to know how others cope with being in clinical remission but still having daily bothersome symptoms.

  1. Thank you for sharing Crohns1998 - we have heard from other community members that they have similar experiences when they're in clinical remission. One suggestion has been to discuss this with your doctor and to make sure you're both aligned on goals and expectations. Your doctor may have additional tips or want to mix things up. Please keep us posted on your journey and if you're able to discuss this with your doctor more. And as always, we're here if you need support or just to vent! - Susan ( Team Member)

    1. I am having a colonoscopy on Wednesday after failing criteria and getting screened out of a clinical trial. So I will know for sure if my disease has advanced and the second opinion of another doctor will help. I am nervous about this, I am not nervous about the procedure itself (although they are never fun) but about the fact that the second doctor will tell me that there is little she can do to help me. I am trying to prepare myself for this likely possibility.

      1. Hello,

        I have mild SX of CD and I have been living with it for over 30 years. I have had 3 surgery, last in 2000. Since then, I have taken more control of what I eat and how I handle any issues. I have done lots of research and have not been on any medication for CD. I do take fish oil and L-gutamine for Sx of pain or flare up and this has help eliminate visits to the hospital. I would encourage you to research information on diet and holistic options. I maintain a regular life, many have no clue that I have CD as I am pretty active with exercising and activities in general. I am open speaking further if you need support.

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