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Covid jab

My 25 year old son has been living with Crohn's for the past 3 years and has been shielding for the most part of 12 months due to his suppressed immune system. He has managed his condition really well with medication and regular self administered injections but only hours after his covid jab he started to feel ill. He has all the symptoms of covid. He is still to weak to walk the length of the garden without being out of breath and is constantly shaking and coughing he had his first astra zenica covid jab at the end of January. He has been sent for countless blood tests and has had 4 covid tests all negative and his bloods have been fine apart from his sodium level being a bit low which was quickly sorted. Has anyone else had any adverse reactions following the jab. His crohns has been surpressed and he has had no flare ups over this period which is a godsend because I think that might have pushed him over the edge as this is now getting him down because he is normally a very active person.

  1. Hi I'm sorry to hear of what your son has been experiencing. I'm checking in to see how he is feeling today? I hope he has had a break in his symptoms. Thinking of you both and sending well wishes - Pam (team member)

    1. Hi Pam thanks for the reply things have taken a turn for the worse I'm afraid. Kieran was admitted to hospital yesterday with shortness of breath and following tests he has been diagnosed with a viral infection that has damaged his heart and it is not pumping correctly. Following a consultation with a birmingham specialist our consultant has started treating him for a condition called PIMS which usually affects children following covid 19. For which they have been tested negative. He has been given steroids and antibiotics and is being reassessed on wednesday.

      1. Hi Paul, I am so incredibly sorry to hear this. I hope this new treatment plan sends him into recovery soon. Please know that we're thinking of you and your son during this time. Sending you both strength and positive thoughts. -Pam (team member)

    2. I am so sorry Paul has had such a bad time while I did not after my shots. It sounds like they did a good diagnosis to get the right treatment. Sending love and good wishes to him for his recovery.

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