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Crohns diease

Hi I'm a women who has been just diagnosed with crohn's disease. I'm struggling because I'm not sure what to eat and it's overwhelming at times I don't feel I understood. Please help! I feel alone in this since I'm the only one who has crohn's disease.

  1. Crohns got to be the worse of all the IBDs. To make it worse , your new to this. Your specialist should have given you a list of what to avoid. It took me years to find out what foods my digestive system reacted to. I started a food log. Listed everything I consumed daily. When there was a pattern to My outbreaks , I would eliminate that food. My biggest discovery was dairy. I am absolutely allergic to it. Made a huge difference. Many more reactions came but now I feel I have some control. Take care

    1. I hear you. Don't worry, you aren't alone in this. You found a great community to be a part of.

      As far as food, the thing with this disease is that it is extremely individualized. Meaning the foods I can eat you may not be able to eat. Crohn's is complicated and effects our guts all very differently. Some guidance however, to start off with, would be to see how you do with avoiding dairy and gluten. Across the board it seems that most patients feel better when doing so.

      For me personally, I go an extra step and avoid all wheat products. When I avoid wheat I feel my best. Things with high fiber can be difficult to digest. So staying away from raw veggies, beans and any roughage is a good idea. Only eat veggies that are cooked or steamed.

      Again, we are all different. It's smart to keep a food journal and see how you react to things. Write down what you eat everyday and the time. And also write down whenever you have symptoms. You will be able to see what foods cause issues and what foods don't.

      Lastly, overall just be smart. Stay away from overly process foods like candy, chips, sodas, processed meats, fast food.

      I hope this helps some. Please reach out if you have any questions.

      Hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

      1. Sorry to hear you're having a tough time but you are definitely not alone when it comes to IBD and symptoms.
        Finding out what you can eat is very hard and it took me years, but I kept a food diary to keep track of what I ate, when I ate, and what the results were (like pain, diarrhea, blood, etc). This helped me quite a lot. There would be many days that I did not eat at all and only drank water because of the pain from eating. I don't suggest you do that but a food diary is very helpful.
        For me, dairy, raw vegetables, coffee, chocolate, green leafy vegetables, popcorn, corn are just a few things I cannot eat.
        You will figure it out, it just takes some time.
        Let us know how you get on.
        Vern - IBD Team Member

        1. I would like to attach some articles that are located in this forum for you. They help support our team members' comments. I hope these articles can offer you some ideas and peace as you navigate the Crohn's diet journey.

          Amanda's article can be read at

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          I wish you the BEST as you read through these ideas. Keep in mind, each body is different as well as each person's Crohn's story. What works for one, may not work for you. This new journey will be trial and error for you. But stay tuned to this site. Articles get published each week, and other team members might offer suggestions.

          Wishing you a pain-free day. Hugs!--Traci, UC-IBD Team Member

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