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Crohns disease with umbilical hernia

Have you anyone heard of crohns disease with umbilical hernia, now my disease latest development is that.can anyone come with how to overcome this trauma.

  1. I had umbilical hernia in high school, from what I hear, you are born with it??? maybe from birthing? anyway they did surgery for me, in and out, bing bang boom....

    I would say ur crohn's and hernia have nothing to do with each other, but I really have no idea!

    my UC has been in remission since 14' and 22' scope showed ZERO UC and ZERO polyps, I am 53! While I know it isn't crohn's, can you humor me and please let me know your specific diet, I want to know everything down to the last detail of what you eat and drink...?

    whats your stool look like,...blood, mucous, tarry, etc...? I know a medicine that you probably haven't been prescribed, which usually will start the healing process allowing for other life style changes to take effect..

    please reply, so I can help, I have helped out a friend in 18' and she was off her Lialda with in 2 weeks, and she is still in remission now !

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