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Crohns - Let's try it.

Had a check up with my doc a few weeks ago due to non-stop diarrhea. Everything looked good, but he did see some activity in my surgical area, which explained the diarrhea. After almost 3yrs post surgery, I've been alright, at least that's my thought. Well it was enough activity for him to start suggesting treatment options. After going through the list of meds, we narrowed it down to Zeposia. Yeah, it's a med used for MS, but they've found it has benefits for Crohn’s patients. Needless to say, I'm nervous at the thought of taking it. I've stared at the bottle for 2wks now. Reading up on every possible side effect, common issues, long/short term effects. Looking for info not tied to the official website or some medical site that's not went blurry once because I sat at the computer to long. Never been nervous before about anything, not even surgeries, not even deployments overseas, but the idea of taking this med freaks me out a little. May have to do with not having control. I have to rely on or place my trust in something that I really can't control. Sure, I took meds for the military, but I was orderd to and those were requirements for the job. Sounds crazy, but my mind for some reason is not allowing me to just trust, I guess I have to just try it...pray and hope for the best....tomorrow, def tomorrow. If anyone has tried this med and is cool speaking a out their experience, I'd love to hear about it, or read it rather.

- J / Dwayne

  1. I found out years ago, I was very ill. I was told by everyone I was making it up and being melodramatic . I'm now diagnosed with Crohn's. I know I should be angry with my family, I'm just not. I live with a colostomy. There have been some who stepped up and helped. I wholeheartedly appreciate them. I would not be here without those who heard my cries. They know who they are. Thank God for you.

    1. So sorry you had to go through that. I'm glad some of them stepped up. Do you find that you have support now overall? Support is so important with this diagnosis. Big hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

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