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Thank you all. Newly diagnosed...

Hi guys, I've recently been diagnosed with crohns, after a full year of freaking out about my symptoms and thinking the worst I would just like to thank you all here, reading through the forums provided me with peace of mind!! What started with mostly stomach issues has now moved to pretty severe muscle aches constantly, and bad fatigue, which doesn't help with my job or being in a band as a drummer, but I deal with it. Lately however I have been having a new symptom. It's like a constant burning in my chest/back/asophagus... Like some kind of heartburn or something similar. Has anybody else had this at all? I can't seem to find much on this particular thing. Thank you in advance guys ๐Ÿ˜Š

  1. Love to hear that this community has offered you some relief and support. It really makes a huge difference knowing you aren't alone. I'm sorry you are dealing with this new symptom. Could it be heartburn? I get bad heartburn when I flare. However, I don't get the chest pain. I would definitely make an appointment to see a GI about this. It may be best to get an endoscopy done to make sure nothing more serious is happening. Best, Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I had a strange chest ache/ pain before but mostly when I started azathioprine tablets. Must be part of Crohnโ€™s disease and not had any issues since being off azathioprine as it made me very ill and heart palpitations. Iโ€™ve started infliximab infusions and got 2nd one next week and feel a little better already but still early days. Just hope we can all find the right medications for us all to live a normal(ish) life.

      1. I had a bad experience with Azathioprine. It made me super sick. I wouldn't be surprised that the chest ache was from that med. I wish you the best on infliximab. I hope it gives you the relief you deserve. Big hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

      2. I'm sorry you've had a rough time with a similar experience.... Adjusting to this new life is 'interesting' to say the least ๐Ÿ˜…

    2. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜. It really has made a difference, it's a great community here and everybody looks to help each other which is great (and rare) haha.
      It might very well be just heartburn, I have never had heartburn or anything of that nature up until shortly after my diagnosis so I'm unsure as to what heartburn really feels like, so it's probably just that. I am currently waiting on an appointment date to see a GI, so hopefully they will sort that out soon and I can go from there. Thanks for your reply!

      1. I have been lately, they do help a little so maybe it is just heartburn! Thank you for the advice ๐Ÿ˜

      2. You are so welcome! -Elizabeth (team member)

    3. I had similar, particularly when lying down. It was just acid, so I now take Omeprazole every day and no longer deal with it.
      - Sahara (team member)

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