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Hi i have uc nearly 2 years had 3 flares was put on cortiment pentansa and salofalk when i stopped cortiment started bleeding so they put me on deltacortil 40mg didnt take it one night all hell broke loose got very sick was out of it up all night though i would die had to go to doc they put me on valium to get me through it the bleed stopped was well for a few months then another flare came put me on 40 steroid again this time when i was tapering down got very sick had to go to hospital headaches,aggressive paranoid,mania,very high blood pressure thought i would die didnt have valium this time bleeding stopped was on high blood pressure for a while was good again for a few mts then bleeding started back in flare took me in for a second scope turns out inflammtion in bowel not bad but my symptoms severe he dont want to put me on humira as it a huge step up and my immflation not bad so he upped dose of pentasa still on cortiment so that was not working so put me on steroid up back passage worked for a month so took me off steroid up back pasage and cortiment back on 40mg steroid for 2 weeks then weaning down slower over 2 wks 7 one week 6 the next week ect i made appointment with doc tomorro to dicuss valium when tapering down im very nervous steroids make me very high any advice here or did anymore have this problem i have stigmoidproticis

  1. Hi . Tapering off of the steroids can be tricky and you are definitely not alone in having problems with it. Our patient leader Paul wrote here about his experience and fearing the taper: In addition, Christal wrote here about what she calls the gift and curse of prednisone: Please know that people here understand and that this community is here for you. Feel free, if you like, to keep us posted on how the new taper goes and to ask additional questions. Best, Richard (Team Member)

    1. i had to go down onto 30mg today for 3 days then onto 20mg for a bit and then taper down over a few weeks blood pressure is getting high and im getting to high

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