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Describe your worst flare ever. πŸ˜–

Here are some questions to get you started:
How did it feel?
Do you know what triggered it?
How long did it last?
What were your symptoms?
How did you finally get relief?

  1. My worst was soon after my resection. The flare started a few months later. So many BM's a day until it looked like all blood. I was stubborn and just lived with it until my work sent me home because I looked so bad. My mom came to visit and took one look and insisted I go to the ER. They immediately admitted me, and for the next 7 days I got IV meds. At discharge I got home and looked in the mirror and broke down. I weighed 116lbs and looked like a concentration camp survivor. I still was having 20+ urgent bm's a day and could barely make it through 20 feet from my bed to the bathroom. It was hell. At that point they had me on 80mg of Prednisone and I started to feel better. I had to stay on 80mg for over half a year because every time I reduced even 10mgs, I would flare harder. Total moon face but I slowly tapered over a year period a d found quasi-remission. I feel the huge amounts of antibiotics given during my resection hospital stay contributed to this awful flare. Biologics haven't worked so Lialda is my only med. CBD oil has helped me lately, wish I had found that sooner. So now, 10 years later, no flares like that one, but other issues like abscesses and fistula. I'm never in real remission because even when I feel well, my colon scopes look like a war zone (Dr's words). Wishing all of you the best

    1. Hi . That certainly was an experience. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that even when you feel well the scopes show issues - it is amazing how the body can adjust. You mention the large doses of antibiotics. Did anyone mention the possibility that they could have disrupted your microbiome? I'm glad you have found a combination that has allowed you some relief. Best, Richard (Team Member)

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