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Do you experience any unexpected symptoms?

What is an unexpected Crohn's or UC symptom that you have experienced or are experiencing, and how do you manage it?

  1. Hi Pam. Inexperience very painful erythema nodosum and arthritic pain in my joints that come and go but sometimes the pain of both of those conditions is unbearable 😢 it’s been a struggle I never would of imagined before suffering with this. I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old too so I feel tremendous guilt for often not feeling well and my husband having to step in and cover me regularly now. I often just go to the bathroom to cry because I don’t want my kids to see me struggle or see me upset. Anyway sorry I’m going off on a tangent..

    1. Thank you so much Julie Marie, I really needed to read this and feel this support right now. You have really comforted me and made me feel stronger again even though I’m feeling so weak right now. You’re an angel. Thank you 🙏❤️

    2. my pleasure! From one IBD Mama to another--you got this!

      --Julie (Team Member)

  2. I have osteoporosis from steroids. I take Reclast infusions. Severe dry eyes. Arthritis all along my spine. SI joint involvement. I'm on Tramadol as needed. Just got started on Celebrex to take as needed because I can't deal with the neck pain anymore. I will take it rarely. Just finished 2 months of PT. Joint pain random places.

    1. I have been having pain for years and had never associated it with Chrons my two children have it but they never have gone into any details about the symptoms that can arrise. Like me thinking I have a bad back and its mostly in the hips. I'm going on 70 years old. And I have had a lot of other health problems but none as bad as barley being able to walk and it's chalked up to bad back. I became epileptic at 15 years old. And coming out of those seizures were very Scarry. But this is way behond even my terrable migraines I had since I was a very stressed mom and had my own hair salon in my home and wouldn't let my husband touch my housework. I believe it reflects me. I told him I didn't work in his garage so the home was mine. But when he decided to sell furniture at the flea market I carried heavy items on my back going downstairs because he claimed to have a sore back. I also would help out another hairdresser when it was quiet at my shop. Plus I worked the cash at the second hand store as a volunteer. My husband was always at home so 24/24 was too much I had to go out and do other things. But without anyone really knowing how bad I felt.

    2. Hi . You definitely are not alone in struggling with back pain with IBD. Our patient leader Marisa wrote about it here: and Julie Marie here: Have you been able to get treatment that has helped your back? People here understand. Best, Richard (Team Member)

  3. Physical therapy definitely helps but it only lasted for about 6 months. Celebrex helps too but I am scared to use it regularly as it can really irritate my GI system.

    1. Glad physcial therapy offered relief. Are you able to continue to do the exercises on your own at home even through the therapy lasted just 6 months? -Elizabeth (team member)

  4. Having joint pains. And also being super gassy lol

    1. Hi . You definitely are not alone in having the joint pain. I want to share with you this Forum on the topic, which has some good information: Also, autoimmune conditions love to piggyback on each other, so if the joint pain is particularly persistent don't hesitate to ask your doctor if you should be concerned about any autoimmune arthritic conditions. Is there anything in particular that you find helps with your joints? Best, Richard (Team Member)

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