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EEN advice/success/side effects?

Hi everyone,

I have just found this forum when googling for some support. I was diagnosed with IBD during the first lockdown. After a colonoscopy and an mri they are still unable to tell me what I have as I am showing symptoms of both Chrons and UC.

On Monday I started EEN feeding so far tolerating the drinks so haven’t needed a tube. Looking for success stories? How did people feel and how long till you felt okay on it? Did anyone have any side effects?

So far I have been very up and down. I am not struggling with not eating, I want to but it’s not been a problem. I feel crap, very teary sometimes I just feel like I want to lie down but I can’t as I’m at work. I have had a really sore back since yesterday and read this could be dehydration but obviously not sure.
I’m not due to speak to anyone until 2 weeks time for a review.

Any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated as I am struggling so much.


  1. Hi , thank you so much for reaching out.. I'm so glad you found us and hope that the forums/community members here will be helpful to you! I don't personally have any experience with EEN feedings, but I'm sure others here do and I'm hopeful they'll chime in to share with you. I do want you to know though that you aren't alone. A new diagnosis can be scary, overwhelming and CONFUSING. And the fatigue can be debilitating. I wanted to share a collection of articles for those who are newly diagnosed: I hope your doctors are able to give you some solid answers soon. Will you keep us uppdated, if you can? Sending well wishes to you - Pam (team member)

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