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Employers and not understanding

Hello. UK based. I’ve worked for this company for many, many years. Diagnosed with UC two years ago - mid pandemic - which was a great help actually since I was working from home and didn’t have to be off sick - even though I was sick. After things went back to ‘normal’ pandemic wise - I did a stat request to work from home in which I was told - they don’t have a wfh policy so I’d have to come back into the office…. But I could do a phased return and they would supply me with a laptop to work from home on the odd days I was having ‘off days’. 12 months later and I’ve really struggled in the office to be honest. Not just with the toilet issue (I believe that’s all they think it is - even though I’ve poured my heart out with my other symptoms such as pain, twinges, cramp, fatigue, anxiety etc etc) I’ve recently had another flare up, so took advantage of the laptop and worked from home…. Now they are trying to get me back in. Even though I have a fit note stating I would benefit from working from home due to the illness. Also recently, my company brought in the option of home working on a hybrid basis - which I have applied for (but seems a very slow process with every applicant being reviewed on a case by case basis, and some having to have certain new systems applied to computers etc - it’s only 1 or 2 days at home - although I’ve requested more based on my illness) so in the meantime - whilst the requests are being looked at - I’ve been asked to come in full time as normal. Im absolutely gutted, my outside of work life is already massively affected by my illness - and being able to work from home has made me able to manage my symptoms better and enjoy life a little more. Im at a total loss as what to do, or even if I have any ground to stand on. Leaving is not an option at present, and even if it was - that would be a last resort - as I do love the work that I do. They have already told me - they don’t have an issue with me/my work so I really don’t know what the issue is. I’m also very emotional about the whole thing so I struggle to get things across properly when we discuss it. Has anyone experienced anything similar or does anyone have any advice please? Thank you

  1. @misslolo,

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope they can allow you to work from home as it has benefited you so greatly and doesn't effect your work. It is strange that they are making this so hard for you. I understand being emotional about it. It's so awkward and hard to talk to employers about your health. Its deeply personal and not only that, this diagnosis can be embarrassing since it has to do with our bowels. I'm wondering if you can really jot all your thoughts down. Have your note from your doctor prepared and maybe do another meeting with more vigor on your part? Really stress that your health is at risk and that in order for you to give your best work, working from home is the best option for you? -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Thank you 🥰

      1. At my wits end. Feel so sad and deflated, they are still pressuring me to return and even spun the line ‘we have other employees who have similar and they manage in the office fine’…. Right after them saying ‘we appreciate everyone experiences differ t symptoms and deals with it differently’ 😩🔫

        1. I'm so sorry 🙁 People just don't understand and it's so frustrating. As Elizabeth mentions above, have you been able to have the conversation that your health is at risk and that in order for you to give your best work, working from home is the best option for you? If they don't care about your needs, it might be time to look for somewhere that does! Luckily the only good thing that came out of this pandemic is that there is so much more opportunity these days for remote work. I hope you find a resolution soon that works for you! Keep us updated!! - Pam (team member)

      2. My UC has been in remission since 14', and 22' scope showed zero UC and zero polyps. I am 53.


        If your stool has mucous, tar, blood, pus......then ask Dr. for mesalamine enemas. Do not let him give you corticosteroid enema or any medicine in suppository form. REMOVE ALL FIBER FROM YOUR DIET FOR A WEEK WHILE DOING ENEMAS. Let your bowels have a vacation from use. IF the enemas work, you will see noticeable improvement right away in your stool. At first it may be tough to keep one in, but keep trying. Do it on a weekend the 1st time. Stay in bed till your body adjusts, if you get right up, gravity will pull it right out of you. take your time, there is no rush. While on the subject of gravity. Use gravity to bring the enemas all the way in to your system. Think outside the box, I can tell you how but you can probably figure it out.

        IF the enema starts to remove symptoms from stool, then you are on your way to healing.

        Coconut water every day is a natural inflammatory, laxative and hydration all in one.
        Coconut milk yogurt every day.
        Inner-Eco liquid LIVE probiotics, one shot a day.......if you get too too much liquid and no even remotely solid, then layoff inner-eco for a few days.

        You probably will your whole life have loose stool, we just don't want urgency.

        If you get better from all of this, YOU ARE NOT HEALED! You have to stick to your guns for a good year. Think about it, it took how many years to develop all the issues. An internal traumatized part of your body that gets used ALL THE TIME is going to take a while to fully heal and will always come back it you do not RESPECT the disease.

        stress does effect all diseases in the body !!!! I know it is impossible to manage stress especially when you are suffering. If the enemas start to work, then think positive, get outside, get some sunshine on your face, and just sit at a park bench, or whatever you calm spot is in the nature around your community and just try to let it all go.

        1. your post really resonates for me. I hope you find a positive solution.

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