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Fissures in Crohn's

Hi everyone! I would like to help a member of my family who has Crohn's for about 15 years. She has got fissures around anus area from about 3 months now. It was diagnosed over the phone due to current situation. It is painfull but no bleeding or discharge has been spotted. She is awaiting a scan to check it but in the meantime has been prescribed stroids (Budenofalk 3mg) to deal with it. She is on Pentasa and Mercaptopurine from years now. Can anyone possibly comment on their experience in this matter please, especially what medication they were treated with? We are worried that the steroids can cause serious side effects. All is happenng without even seeing the patient. Any help will be much apreciated. Than you.

  1. Hi , thank you for reaching out on behalf of your family member. I'm sorry to hear what she's going through. I hope some community members will weigh in with their experiences, but in the meantime, I'm sharing an article that explains some treatments, complications, etc of anal fissures: I hope she's able to make an appointment soon for a scan. Keep us updated, if you can! Thinking if you both - Pam (team member)

    1. Thanks a lot Pam. I will read through it.

  2. Glad that she is getting treatment. Mercaptopurine has worked well for me for over 10 years.
    I might suggest that you ask your friend to write down her thoughts and feelings in a private journal.
    What helped me overcome this situation was getting to the root cause. My cause was a worry in my life that my subconscious mind was obsessed about.

    Our body is an incredible machine and computer. A lot of problems start when the mind takes over the body. Technology has advanced but our brains are still 1m years old..aka "monkey brain". Our subconscious mind is always in 'fight or flight" mode. What may seem like a harmless problem from the exterior (losing job, spouse etc) our mind thinks it is life threatening...and will be in CONSTANT mode of defending itself..hence inflammation. That is the body's way of fighting a threat. In a lot of cases, the threat isn't life threatening but our monkey brain doesn't know that.

    That is what worked for me..

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