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Hi everyone. I had a huge complicated bowel abscess 3 years ago. I had bowel resection, iliostomy bag for 3 months and a reversal..then a year later my appendix was removed because of adhesions. My question is o strongly suspect i have a fistula. I think there is urine coming from my rectum when i urinate and lots of air coming from vagina. ( I'm female obviously) i have bladder pain and felt generally unwell, shivery and unwell ever since my surgeries. I don't have faeces coming from urethra . Can someone advise me on this . I know it's s complex issue. I want to go to my surgeon with these concerns, he is amazing? But are these symptoms? Please advise.

  1. Thank you for your questions, @anastasia1955. I am so sorry to hear about your current struggles, and as someone who has suffered from multiple abscesses, I feel your pain.
    If I were you, I would contact your GI as soon as possible and relay this information to him/her so that it can be addressed quickly and correctly. As you know, letting things go too far can cause even more damage so I would not procrastinate, even if it doesn't seem like all of the symptoms align to be a fistula. Please keep us posted on how this progresses and I wish you wellness.
    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. Thank you so much for your reply.

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