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Flare up brings abscess

I've been in remission for a year, the past two days my CD flared up. First comes the neck pain, then constipation, then comes an anal abscess. This happens every time I get a CD flare up. Then the anxiety comes, hoping the abscess opens and drains on its own.

Will call PCP tomorrow and request strong antibiotics. Trying to keep things clean, and laying down to avoid sitting on it. What a nitemare.

I'm eating chicken rice soup, drinking oolong tea to calm my gut.

I think i caused my flare up by drinking way too much soda, and too much smoking the past few days. Plus im stressed out. I don't wish this on my worst enemy. The pain from being cut/drained and carved out in an emergency room is horrible. No amount of local anesthesia helps. I feel it all. Such pain.

Well...i hope this drains on its own. I don't want to be cut again. I should be taking sitz baths.

  1. @dec0der That sounds so tough. I'm glad you have some things that help bring you relief in your time of need but gosh, this disease is such a monster that robs us of so much. Surely isn't fair, is it? Did you get in touch with your doctor for an antibiotic? Let us know if you need anything. Sending positive vibes your way! -Beth (UC/IBD Team Member)

    1. Thanks for the reply Beth. Thank god it drained on it's own and the swelling went down. Dealing with the cramps etc from Crohn's is a pleasure next to dealing with an abscess forming in your lower colon/anus.

      I did not get antibiotics this time being that it drained on its own and im feeling 100% better. No fever. I don't want to run to antibiotics if it drains on its own. I figure if im not sweating, no fever, no more swelling then my body did a good job fighting the bacteria.

      I do notice a pattern with my flare ups. It starts with neck pain/neck bones cracking/arthritis, then i get cramps for a day, then 2 days of constipation, them comes the abscess. Seems to be always in the same spot. It's because of fistula.

      I'm not on any medication for anything. I've had Crohn's for years. Dr wants me to go for colonoscopy, but im a chicken. I really need to go for the over and under procedure, which is cameras via colonoscopy and down the throat onto the stomach. I'm 50yrs old and I dread getting older hehe...

      1. I'm glad to hear that you are back to normal and I really hope another flare up does not happen any time soon! -Eshani (Team Member)

      2. Hey there!! Just checking in on ya! How ave you been since we last chatted? Sending hugs! -Beth (Team Member)

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