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Has anyone successfully transitioned from Entyvio to a non-infusion medication?

I’ve been taking Sulfasalazine for over 30 years and am currently on an Entyvio infusion schedule of every 6 weeks. I can’t believe taking this medication this long is good for you and I’m pretty sure the Entyvio isn’t going to be covered under Medicare. Has anyone transitioned from this treatment to something else successfully? Thnx

  1. I hear you. In my personal journey, I went from Mesalamine to Remicade to Entyvio then into Humira, Stelara which are injections, then into pills Xeljanz, Rinvoq, now back to an injection called Skyrizi. Each of my transitions were different. I will say going from Stelara to Xeljanz was my best transition. When I started taking Xeljanz I almost instantly felt better. I was on it for about 2.5 years. I guess what I want to share is that it is definitely do-able to transition into a new medicine. If you are wanting to explore a different treatment, let your doctor know as there are many out there. Perhaps express you no longer want to do a biologic and would like to try a different class of drug like a JAK Inhibitor. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Thanks for reaching out, . I'm sorry that you're dealing with the frustrations and struggles of insurance coverage. Hopefully some of our community members who have had to change medications due to Medicare can chime in here for you. As Elizabeth mentioned, there are a lot of different treatments and people do go from one to another with varying degrees of transitions. Hopefully you get some helpful feedback! Wishing you a gentle evening. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

      1. Went from Entyvio to Rinvoq. Worked OK. Need good drug insurance and persistent Doctor.

        1. PS BTW, Entyvio is supposed to be the safest drug.

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